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A culinary experience rich in flavors

Let us tell you a bit about us! A culinary experience rich in flavors, Grocery Collection, the division of MTY Franchising created in 2018, is proudly established in Quebec. Our mission is clear: to bring together on a single platform several iconic restaurant brands that you love, in order to offer you the gastronomic experience you seek, in the comfort of your home.

As a full member of the MTY Franchising family, our brand is anchored in quality, excellence, and innovation. Our commitment extends beyond faithfully reproducing your favorite recipes; it extends to creating a varied culinary experience rich in flavors.

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Good times to share

Since our inception in 2018, we’ve had the privilege of becoming an integral part of your meals, turning your sharing moments into unforgettable delights. Among our notable successes, Bâton Rouge beef bavette steaks are surely already familiar to your taste buds!

We invite you to a sensory experience that transcends borders and explores the delights of Asian, Greek, and of course, Quebec cuisine. Each product we offer is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, allowing you to experience an adventure with every bite.